Should you use CloudLinux for your servers?

CloudLinux OS is an extremely powerful built on the open source operating system, CentOS. The servers of our Web Hosting are all installed CloudLinux and it works very well on the infrastructure of the Mat. Recently, our customers also bought CloudLonux asking to install the server Shared Hosting, and they found a significant decrease in loading on their servers. That means CloudLinux is suitable for you?

Despite its name – “CloudLinux”, it does not mean that you have to have the infrastructure cloud computing to use it and it is also not necessary to use it on the server you rent in Mat. CloudLinux can be installed on dedicated servers and virtual machines (VPS) that no matter what must be about. It is certain that it will not make you become a service provider of cloud computing because it has the word “Cloud”. Cloud computing is the infrastructure that includes multiple servers to work together to provide resources on demand.

CloudLinuxIs CloudLinux suitable for you?

Depending on your ways of using Server/VPS, you can determine whether you are in the need of CloudLinux or not. It is a stable operation system with plenty of improvements on security. However, they may be unnecessary for you to run several websites made by yourselves.

It really shows its value when you are hosting multiple sites on the same server, but how are these sites that you cannot control how it works, programmed well or badly. CloudLinux does this by putting each user in a box called LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment). This LVE limits the amount of resources available to each user, ensuring that the handling of user sites does not make your whole Server or VPS be in congestion. In fact, limited resources include CPU, RAM, and the total number of processes is run by that user, such as PHP, SQL, I / O.


You can configure many resources assigned to the user, so CloudLinux really make the work be clear division of the service pack, rather than differences in storage and bandwidth. When the sum of the processing of the user reaches the limit of the resource determined, the user’s website will appear 503 errors, preventing users from employment resource causing the loss of other users on the same server.