IBM – step of cloud transformation

IBM cloud services Technology Group has been voted as vendor of cloud computing business for the best in the US, according to an IDC survey of IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service made with more than 400 businesses with 1,000 employees scales upward.

In this study, the provider of cloud computing services also rank on the quality of service, including the readiness, providing play resources speed, ease of use and price. IBM’s IaaS platform includes SoftLayer, a new subsidiary company IBM cloud services acquired in July 2013, and the cloud managed services IBM.

IBM cloud services

“IBM is putting billions of dollars into the field of cloud computing to satisfy the demands of customers with a strategy of the most complete cloud computing services around the world, from IaaS to SaaS and even PaaS. We are expanding the data center on a global scale and opening IBM software on the cloud so that programmers can exploit, and ensure easy connectivity to our cloud servers with the “Fair cloud” online. IBM helps enterprises have business innovation, operational apparatus and processes to catch new trends of the future – the era of hybrid cloud computing” IBM representative said.

In addition to the final ranking first, IBM cloud services is also a leader in providing solutions for large 6 of 8 branches, including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, wholesale, retail and public services (government). IBM is also in the top 3 in the field of transportation, and telecommunications, and is the only vendor in the top 3 in all sectors as well as leading sectors most.

In the first 4 months of 2014, IBM announced three important initiatives related to cloud computing: Investment of $ 1.2 billion to expand IBM’s cloud services globally with 40 data centers in all all major financial centers around the world; Investing $ 1 billion for the opening of business software to the cloud, allowing developers to design new applications in the cloud era of hybrid, based-platform-as-is-service IBM BlueMix ; Launching “cloud marketplace” IBM Cloud and enabling easy connectivity to IBM’s cloud services for personal users or businesses.

IBM cloud services

Profit that cloud computing brings for IBM in 2013 was $ 4.4 billion. Recently, IBM announced the growth of 50% in the comparison with the first quarter in 2014. The enterprise has voted IBM as the top choice to meet their needs basis cloud computing infrastructure and bring them into a new era of technology.